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Kaushlya Rehabilitation Center was established by Dr Yogesh H. Patil & Mrs Rajashree Patil, with a purpose to provide a healthy lifestyle to all health-conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through natural healing coupled with Modern & Alternative medicine, Physiotherapy at their best, to avoid surgery & repair structural deformity & regain normal physiological & physical function and to stay disease-free till old age.

Kaushlya Rehabilitation Center multicenter (Three) is a dynamic multi-facility Nature Cure Center, having 3 facilities, 2 operational both in Mumbai & one is under the developmental stage which is situated on the picturesque banks of Gangapur Dam (Nashik), surrounded by lush greenery and in the laps of hillocks. Amid these serene surroundings, the campus comprises of central meditation and meetings hall, massive treatment block with separate floors for ladies and gents, residential blocks, villas, dining hall, garden, a gau-shala, havan shala, health care shop etc. Kaushlya Rehabilitation Center is located at Ganesh Gaon, near Trambkeshwar village, on Nashik Trambekeshwar road and is 15 Km from Nashik and 165 km from Mumbai.

To impart the best treatments of the Nature Cure with Intrapathy, much ultra-modern equipment’s and machines are installed here. At Kaushlya Rehabilitation Center various non-invasive, non-drug, nature cure methods like massage therapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, yoga, physiotherapy, acupressure, diet therapy, steam Long with best-personalised medicine from Intra pathy etc. are used for treatments of various ailments and for rejuvenating and revitalizing one’s body and mind. Well experienced Naturopath Doctors, Therapists, Technicians and the Administrative Staff would help to make your stay at Kaushlya Rehabilitation Center very memorable.


The main objective of Kaushalya Rehabilitation Center is to promote Naturopathy and Modern & Alternative medicine combine in treating various diseases. Naturopathy treats the underlying cause of the disease rather than solely treating or suppressing the symptoms. Symptoms of the disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning in one or more organs of the body. This approach has proven successful in treating both chronic and acute diseases. It is in fact, the advent of a new Intrapathy regimen in patient care which is educative, curative and also preventive, with no side (Minimal) effects.


Vision is to promote an Intrapathy therapy which combines Nature Cure with Modern & alternative medicine to make the patient understand the abundance of natural medicines, inculcate among them the habit of vegetarianism, regulated eating habits, exercise, lifestyle modification and to use of best treatment modalities among modern & Alternative medicine to take the concept to all strata of the society.

To develop new treatment modality (Intrapathy) of which fundamental principle is based on safety & efficacy i.e The rights, safety, and well-being of the patient are the most important considerations and should prevail over interests of science and society

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I’m amazed by all the treatments done towards my fibroids problem.

Great staff, humble and cooperative and good theorists for treatments. They are very flexible towards timings as per the patient flexibility and availability.

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